Maritime cleaning

For all cleaning activities ZMC uses experienced specialists who already earned their marks within the maritime sector. Cleaning of sea-going vessels and inland tankers is characterized by speed and flexibility, combined with a 24-hour availability: distinguishing characteristics which all apply to ZMC.

ZMC has a broad experience in cleaning of:
Chain lockers – Waterballasttanks – Deeptanks – Peaktanks – Heavy Fuel Oil tanks (HFO-tanks) – Diesel Oil tanks (DO-tanks) – Bunkertanks – Settlingtanks – Sumptanks – Drinkwatertanks – Sewage-tanks – Chemicaltanks – Engine rooms – Bilges

and, by making use of high-pressure (warm) water (200-2500 bar), the removal of:
Rust – Insulation – Coating